Logistics optimization requires the right resources, technology and people. At Cenergy we build customized solutions that streamline our clients’ overall logistical process. From the latest allocation and scheduling technology to experienced specialized personnel, Cenergy has the resources and people to increase efficiency and reduce costs dramatically.


Cenergy’s Aviation Support Team is the first in the Gulf of Mexico to create, train, and supervise a complete aviation group that includes: Helicopter Landing Officers, Heli-Deck Assistants, Counter Personnel, and Transportation Scheduling Software to manage and report on personnel and material movement.

  • Flight Line Support
    • Helicopter Landing Officers
    • Helicopter Deck Assistants
    • Counter Personnel
    • Fuel Personnel
  • Shore Base Support
    • Dispatchers
    • Seaport Personnel
    • Boating Personnel
  • Freight Forwarding Services
  • Inspectors
  • Technicians


Cenergy's Marine Support Team will optimize your crew and cargo needs; maximizing use of space and reducing transportation costs through logistics optimization.

  • On and Offshore Dispatchers
  • Rig Clerks
  • HSSE Safety Technicians and Advisors
  • Marine Auditors
  • Administrative Support Staff


Cenergy's logistic personnel are trained in industry best safety practices and emergency response. Our HSSE management capabilities can help you maintain safe handling of all your logistics needs.