Inspection Solutions
Inspection Solutions

Condition Inspection

Cenergy offers full and limited condition inspection of onshore and offshore drilling and production facilities, as well as custom tailored commissioning programs for your project.

Condition Inspection Services

Industry standards, Flag State requirements and compliance with international and local regulatory requirements are used as the basis for these inspections.

  • Single piece of equipment to an entire new-build
  • Final acceptance trials and a full range of dropped object prevention scheme (DROPS) program evaluations, including in-depth dynamic dropped object hazard evaluations
  • Onsite inspection to ensure that electrical, mechanical and well-control installations and equipment are designed, built and maintained in the most effective manner to promote the safety of the asset, environment and personnel required for its operation and maintenance


Our commitment to hiring and retaining only the best and most experienced professionals in the industry, with extensive backgrounds in and knowledge of API, Flag State and regulatory requirements, makes Cenergy condition inspection solutions the best choice to meet all of your electrical and mechanical inspection needs.