Inspection Solutions
Inspection Solutions


Dropped Object Prevention Scheme (DROPS) surveys and inspections are a vital element of any dropped object control and prevention management system.

Basic DROPS Management

Basic dropped object hazard evaluation is an integral part of all of Cenergy's condition inspections. This evaluation is a detailed review of those items accessible from catwalks and ladders around the structure. Since this type of inspection should be conducted by personnel on a regular basis as part of planned maintenance, the results of our team's evaluation provide a valuable tool to help evaluate the effectiveness of the DROPS program in place on the facility, as well as assisting in identifying any areas in need of review.

In-Depth Management

Traditionally, DROPS inspections are carried out with the rig equipment shut down. However, during our in-depth dynamic DROPS inspections, our inspectors and rig personnel work as a team to evaluate all high risk equipment from multiple vantage points during various operational activities to identify any possible dynamic dropped object hazards present. Our inspectors then sit down with the rig personnel and scenarios are developed for each noted hazard to determine the real-world likelihood, as well as damage/injury potential of a possible incident, for each scenario. Following this phase, a plan for mitigation of hazards deemed to pose a real-world threat is agreed upon and submitted.