Lifting Gear Survey (LEEA Certified)

Cenergy provides comprehensive inspection of all hoisting and lifting gear on land rigs, FPSOs and drilling units. Equipment is inspected to the latest vendor, API, BS and European guidelines, as well as LOLER 98 (UK Statutory Instrument No. 2307) and LEEA.

All equipment, from the largest cranes to the smallest shackles and slings, is registered in our portable database reporting system to ensure a systematic and thorough traceability process.

The data base tracks the equipment by identification number, description, safe working load, test date and certificate number, and any previous inspection history. This data base is installed on the rig and is maintained by the rig crew. Cenergy returns to the rig every six months to update the register.

Cenergy is a one-stop service provider for the inspection of drill tools and pipe-handling equipment, derrick inspection and special periodic surveys. Cenergy also carries out load testing of all fixed lifting gear including pad eyes, runway beams, deck cranes, tuggers, etc.

Lifting Gear Inspectors

Cenergy uses experienced LEEA trained inspectors to conduct the lifting equipment surveys. All Cenergy inspectors attend LEEA training periodically throughout the year to ensure that they are fully competent and up to date with code of practices and latest recommended practices.