Well Control

Cenergy inspection solutions division has the most highly trained, experienced and qualified well control specialists who work closely with clients.

Well Control Services

  • Conduct condition inspections of well control and related equipment located on onshore and offshore drilling rigs
  • Conduct overhaul inspections of various well control equipment to ensure compliance with OEM and industry standards and recommendations
  • Witness and carry out commissioning and acceptance trials of various well control equipment and systems at manufacturing, repair facilities and at various land/offshore locations
  • Develop and carry out commissioning schedules and procedures as required by client
  • Provide technical assistance and advice in an area of expertise to inter-company inspectors as requested
  • Conduct maintenance system reviews and/or author new maintenance procedures in accordance with OEM/industry-recommended procedures and standards
  • Develop and carry out incident investigations using root cause analysis methods
  • Arrange and carry out document pre-job and close-out meetings with client and rig personnel
  • Author, edit and inspect overhaul, acceptance and incident investigation reports in a timely manner


We also offer the above services for production equipment, including xmas trees, work over BOP's, integrated riser systems, flow heads, choke manifold, MUX, conventional control systems, IWOCS umbilical's and production riser.